Inspired by the modern woman, we design our collections for the effortlessly chic LA lifestyle. We love trends and flattering fits, creating classic silhouettes and distinguishing pieces that can anytime, anywhere.


We believe that age is just a number. That’s why we focus on creating sophisticated pieces that are ahead of the times, inspiring outfits which stand out because of their sophistication and elegance, yet also have a young and hip vibe.



Designed in Los Angeles

Manufactured in Los Angeles and China

We design our clothes in LA, a dreamy city filled with palm trees and trendy people who look effortlessly stylish.

Our designers are old-school – they’re creative types who love sketching designs as well as using CAD technology to bring their designs to life. Our design team are at the forefront of the fashion world, constantly searching for new colours, fabrics, shapes, and trends to make sure that we change the fashion game for our upcoming seasons. Our broad collection offers women a mix of lifestyle separates for both day and evening. With the spotlight on everyday comfort, our collections offer specially designed pieces that provide extra movement and flattering shapes.


Once the designs have been approved, the production process can begin in our facilities in Los Angeles or China . What originally commenced as a humble little workshop with 1-5 employees, our now factory in China with 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility now houses 100 employees, all cutting and sewing with state-of-the-art machinery. At Baciano, we are constantly updating our technology and equipment to meet the demands of our loyal customers.

 We attribute Baciano’s growth and success over the years to many variables, including design, manufacturing method, customer service, and end value passed on to our clientele. We believe that the key to our successful formula, and the reason why we’re such great value is that our customers receive unparalleled customer service. Since the inception on Baciano, customer satisfaction has been at the heart of what we do.

Satisfaction of the customer has been the mandate of Baciano since our inception. Our sales representatives are always available to support customer inquiries.

We meticulously monitor the quality of our products, following strict procedures that mean we are able to meet and deliver "on time" large volume demand orders.

Our team’s knowledge of the fashion industry, current trends in colour and fabrics, and the Baciano line mean that we’re always the best solution.

 From initial enquiry to final delivery, we’ll always strive to make our customers happy with honest and reliable service, which will continue to be a cornerstone of our success well into the future.



Our Story

BACIANO was founded by Jacob Pirian, a fashion maverick. In 1989, when Los Angeles Fashion District was buzzing, Jacob started with little but slowly grew his brand to become one of the most successful apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles. His inspiration came from listening to clients, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and then creating a collection of exquisitely cut clothing with an impeccable fit. Crafted with love, his first collection was an immediate success and was soon distributed worldwide.

 Like Jacob, his team live and breathe fashion, using high-end design, innovation and creativity as the cornerstone of their work. We strive to make sure every piece is of the highest quality, from our luxurious fabrics to our flattering fits. Every piece in our collection is expertly designed and tailored to ensure the most comfortable fit.

At the office, creativity and teamwork makes the office roll. They truly believe in the transformative power of working together and inspiration, heighten experiences, employ and provide the right service for people everywhere. Good design and great relationships come from collusion. They're excited to start each day to serve and make something astonishing together.

Since then, Eli Pirian, Jacob’s son has come along to build the brand.With 40 years experience in the industry, Baciano is now a globally distinctive lifestyle label. Baciano continues to make a mark on the global fashion scene and are fast making inroads on the key international fashion markets.